About Vishnumaya Kuttichathan


The Birth Story Of Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple In Kerala

Kuttichathan Seva can provide a barrier against unfavourable elements that affect your business, finances, family, career, health, wealth, and other aspects of your life, as well as help you solve your difficulties. Sree Vishnumaya Swami, the divine child of "Lord Siva" & "Parvathy Devi" disguised as Koolivaka, who wished to live with the human beings amid the suffering and misery, is the main deity of Karuvannur Karanayil Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Temple. Vishnumaya is a powerful God endowed with immense wisdom and energy. He is ever vigilant and stands as a guard He is claimed to respond to his followers' prayers nearly instantly. It eventually arrived to attack Koolivaka as well. Chathan made the decision to manage the bison that had assaulted his foster mother with the help of his friend Karineelapetta Karimkutty. The Bison was subdued after a fierce battle in the Rudra forest. Chathan transformed the bison into his vehicle and approached his foster mother while riding it. Chathan rose to fame in the forest as a result of this incident. Kailasam's son received instruction in magic and martial arts from tutors in the forest. He was lovingly cared for by his foster mother and all the creatures in the forest, and by the time he was eight he had grown into a robust and well-built man. Karuvannur Karanayil Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Devasthanam Temple The son of Lord Shiva and Kulivaka, Sree Vishnumaya Swami, has lived at Karanayil Devasthanam for ages. Kerala's Thrissur is home to the Karanayil Sree Vishnumaya temple. It is one of Trichur's well-known Kuttichathan temples. The great devotees from Karanayil Devasam would help those who were suffering from the negative effects of black powers and dark magical responses from their opponents. After doing the poojas for Vishnumaya, you will receive blessings for financial prosperity, family stability, professional success, and success in infertility treatments. The Great Grandfathers of Karanayil Devasthanam, Kuttichathan and Bhagavathy, are there to guard and look after the devotees. People come here to seek the blessings of family deities from all walks of life, including politics, business, film, etc. With Sree Vishnumaya's blessing, they were able to achieve success in their various fields. In the Kaliyuga, Vishnumaya is the supreme power. With Vishnumaya's approval, the Impossible will become feasible. Throughout Pournamy and Amavasya days, your wishes will be granted (Full moon and New Moon). At 8 PM, Vishnumaya Swami will make an appearance in dance form.