Karanayil Sree Vishnumaya Temple In Thrissur, Kerala
Jun 28,2022 | Administrator
Vasiyam or vasheheekaramVasiyam or vasheheekaram is used to attract persons.

 There are many forms of vasyams such as dhrishti vasyam/oral vasyam/, dhana vasyam, touching (contact) vasyam to name a few. Vasyam is practiced or rather conducted through several angles of the human body. Just wearing an elassu (talisman) is not enough to get the desired results of vasyaprayogam, this karma depends upon traditional/customized old manthrika seva rituals as per centuries-old palm leaf compilations and literature by our great grandfathers. Certain mixings through food or power are made off special kajal (ink) or a kind of special paste, either of which has to be applied on the forehead for achieving positive results. This kind of karuvashya seva pooja will reunite the people who were separated for various reasons. All poojas will be decided by the devasthanathipathi by discussing the reason and the needs of the devotees.