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Story Of Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy

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While on a wild animal hunt in the forest, Lord Siva and his troops came across Koolikkunnu, a stunning woodland graced with a stream and meadows. While taking a nap at the Koolikunnu, he noticed a young, pretty forest girl bathing in the river while somewhat exposed. Her beauty astounded Lord Siva, who felt a tremendous desire to possess her. He enquired about her name and location. The daughter of the forest monarch, she went by the name of Koolivaka. Lord Siva exhibited his interest in her, flirted with her, and wooed her for sex after learning her name and other data. But Koolivaka, a devoted follower of the goddess Parvathy, understood that the hunter in front of her was actually the Lord Paramasiva. She lied to Lord Siva, claiming that she was having her period and could not be touched to get away. After seven days, she vowed to fulfil his desire in the same spot.

Koolivaka pleaded fervently to Sree Parvathy, Lord Siva's wife, about the occurrence and asked for her assistance in finding a solution. When Sree Parvathy Devi appeared in front of Koolivaka, she comforted her by assuring her that she would meet Lord Siva in disguise at the designated location and time. As a result, Lord Mahavishnu assisted Sree Parvathy Devi in seeing Lord Siva while wearing a disguise. With the aid of Mahavishnu, Lord Siva had all forms of sex with Sree Parvathy, who arrived as Koolivaka. Lord Siva provided the sperms, while Parvathy placed the ovule in two Cubers (Kizhangu).

One cuber was left on the riverbank, and Koolivaka was given the other with the instruction to devour it. If Koolivaka ate that cucumber, according to Parvathy devi's blessing, she will give birth to a child who possesses the strength and abilities of Lord Siva and Parvathy. In the cuber left by the river, 300 Chathan children were born.

Koolivaka ate the cucumber as Sree Parvathy had advised. When Koolivaka consumed the Cuber (Kizhangu), she became pregnant. Koolivaka experienced severe discomfort as the due date drew near and worried that she might pass away from the pain. Lord Mahavishnu received her prayer for a smooth delivery. A child with beautiful features was born right away in Mahavishnu's Maya. This child's name is Vishnumaya as a result. Vishnumaya is known by his pet name Chathan because he was raised by a jungle woman. He was given the name Kuttichathan because he is a little and perpetually young man. Education Koolivaka made the decision to bring the infant to Lord Siva, the child's father, in order to fulfill religious rites including "Charadu Kettu '' and the naming ceremony. Koolivaka travelled to "Kailasa," the home of Lord Siva and Parvathy, with this purpose. When Lord Siva saw Koolivaka at Kailasa with her child, he became alarmed and told his assistants to bring Koolivaka to him covertly without Sree Parvathy's knowledge. However, Sree Parvathy Devi arrived on the scene and informed Lord Paramasiva of all the details. However, Sree Parvathy Devi arrived on the scene and informed Lord Paramasiva of all the details. The insights made by Parvathy Devi made Lord Sive delighted. Lord Siva gave the infant a yellow twain (Poonool), gave him the name Vishnumaya, blessed him with all the abilities to defend the helpless, and told him that his name will be recognised in the Three Worlds. Along with giving Vishnumaya a large, powerful, and attractive buffalo, he also instructed his troops to follow all of his orders. Goddess Parvathy gave Vishnumaya two small sticks (Kuruvadies), which he used as his most potent weapon to combat injustice and defend worshippers in difficult situations.

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